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    Phone 67804370
    E-mail lindab@lindab.lv

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    Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
    - 830-1700 830-1700 830-1700 830-1700 830-1700 -


    • Industrial building co-operation partner in construction sphere. Air duct systems with accessories, as well as AVK solutions for perfect indoor climate.


    • Ventilation,
    • Ventilation, ventilation air pipes, moulded shapes, diffussors, rests,
    • fire-safety valves, kitchen hoods, assembly materials,
    • professional kitchen smoke exhaust device, manufacturing,
    • wholesale, ventilation project solutions,
    • Cadvent ventilation design program.


    Juridiskā informācijain cooperation with Firmas.lv

    Registration Number 40003602009
    Reģistrācijas izsniegšanas datums03.09.2002
    VAT numberLV40003602009
    Bank AccountLV51HABA0551002796094

    Credit history